How to Format Your Manuscript

Manuscripts must be a Microsoft Word (.doc) file. Formatting preferences are as follows:

  • Do not include any content you do not wish to be edited as part of the manuscript. (For example, if you want to share your bio with the editor as background information, please upload it as a separate file rather than adding it to the end of your manuscript.)
  • Font: 12-point Times New Roman or Century Schoolbook
  • Margins: 1” all around
  • Spacing: double
  • Page numbers: bottom of page, centered
  • Header should like this: BOOK TITLE/Lastname
  • Only print on one side of the paper
  • Show new paragraphs by indenting the first line of the new paragraph by ten spaces or one tab to the half-inch mark
  • The top of the first page: Put your name, address, and telephone number at the top left of the first page
  • The rest of the first page: The story’s title and your name should appear a little less than halfway down the first page. Then leave a couple of blank lines, and start the story. The title and your name should be centered.
  • Make sure your name appears on each page